We are the professional supplier of luxury space solutions, using 5mm material to lay a new dimension. We are one-stop factory, which can provide you luxury material, space design, luxury lifestyle and European butler service. We create the industry benchmark for the whole industry chain, and provide the whole solutions for the luxury residential building.

CASVINO advocates ecological decoration, maximizes the rational use of natural marble, and creates a healthy and ecological lifestyle.

Life as the axis, the arts as the guide, health as the radius, CASVINO is steadily building a world-renowned international brand of high-quality custom composite tiles.



CASVINO has a people-oriented culture and focuses on the creation of human values. Scientific management, fair competition, mutual respect and harmony help CASVINO to create a rich content and humanity brand culture. CASVINO is the modern inheritor of Italian millennium stone culture.

CASVINO uses [smile] as the brand service tag;
[Professionally] solve customers' difficulty;
[Sincerelly] listen to our customers ' needs and aspirations;
We try our best to provide the most satisfactory service to all customers.