Buckingham - CS304 - Classical Straight Panel Size300x600,600x600


Buckingham Palace facade is decorated with Bass Limestone, interior mainly with the artificial marble and Blue Limestone. Now it is not only the work place of UK royal family, but also an opening tourism place. It has received nearly 4 million visitors all over the world. As a world-famous building, the royal and generous demeanor of Buckingham Palace attracts a lot of people. Buckingham composite tiles in CASVINO family are intended to convey these extraordinary qualities.

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Buckingham Palace in located in UK, one of the venues for the national celebrations and the royal welcome ceremonies as well as a major tourist resort. When there is a celebration or crisis, it is also a major meeting place for the British people. Buckingham Palace, the Forbidden City, the White House, and the Versailles Palace are five famous palaces all over the world.


The veins loom in the white background color, which looks generous and luxurious, just like the crown of the queen