Athena White - CS101 - Classical Straight Panel Size300x600600x600,800x800


Athena composite tiles in CASVINO family are just like Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom. It contains smart and natural veins under its white elegance. Its gentle appearance doesn't lack of wisdom. It looks gentle and beautiful, and touches strong and exquisite.



Athena, Zeuss daughter who he loves most, is the god of wisdom and war in the Ancient Greece myth. She has endless wisdom and strength under her graceful, beautiful and slender appearance. As one of the three goddesses of Olympus, she primarily takes charge of the wisdom and war, protects the agriculture and horticulture, maintains the law and order, and dominates the clouds and thunder. She is not only the mother of hero, but also is the goddess of fertility. Lively and intelligent, passionate and righteous Athena has been most widely worshiped, attracting a lot of supporters.


The white tone and freehand lines look like the unfinished canvas, giving you a wealth of creative imagination. It also looks like the clouds floating in the clear sky, and make you curious who the clouds are missing. The color is elegant and soft. The texture is moist and delicate. It's simple, low-key, but luxurious