Ink Painting - CS202 - Classical Straight Panel Size£º600x600,800x800


Ink painting has two main characteristics: one is having the excellent artistic effect of beautifying one to the other; the other is expressing a good image. Ink painting composite tiles in CASVINO family shows the ink -like images with black color plus freehand white lines.

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Ink painting is one of Chinese traditional painting. It¡¯s also the representative of Chinese painting. The basic ink painting only uses water and ink, and only has two colors, that is, black and white. Chinese painting emphasizes on the expression, and pay attention to the ¡°vivid " effect. It does not stick to the appearance of the object resemblance, but emphasizes more on expressing the author's subjective affection. Painting emphasizes ¡°to express the meaning with the appearance¡±, and pursues a wonderful feeling of " between like and unlike ".


There are several thick or thin white lines on the black surface, like the simple outline of an ink painting and the burst lightning at night. The space decorated with Ink Painting has an artistic flavor