Portoro - CS203 - Classical Straight Panel Size600x600,800x800


Portoro has soft texture and elegant style. Its an ideal material for luxurious building decoration and artistic carving. Its mainly used for the interior wall and flooring, TV table, window, door frame, columns, fireplaces etc. It also can be applied to monumental architectures such as the monument, towers, statues, or carved into artistic handicrafts, stationery, lamps, utensils and other practical artwork.

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Portoro is one of famous and precious natural marble. It has beautiful color and veins, high compressive strength and good physical and chemical properties, widely distributed resources, and easy to process. Portoro has a noble and elegant decoration effect. Its the king of marble


The golden veins float evenly on the black and bright surface, just like a black dress embroidered with blossoming flowers. The space decorated with Portoro is magnificent and noble. It's the first choice for the noble space