Royal Coffee - CS401 - Classical Straight Panel Size600x600,800x800


The golden color symbolizes the nobility, glory, and luxury. It's one of the most brilliant gloss color, and also the supremely pure color in the nature. It is the color of the sun, representing the warmth and happiness, and has a radiant charm of shining the earth. Therefore, the royal colors of most countries are golden tone. Because the gold's color is golden, so the golden color has been given the symbol meaning of satisfaction, luxury, decoration, splendor, elegance, sporting, holiness, reputation and loyalty.

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Coffee background color with golden pattern highlights the noble and elegant temperament, suitable for large areas of walls, floors, bathroom vanity tops etc.


The coffee background color is dotted with the golden pattern and the white spots, like the spectacular scene that the surging Yellow River is hitting the reef. The golden texture and brilliant luster exude a charming temperament. It can make you enjoy the extraordinarily royal taste