Van Gold - CS403 - Classical Straight Panel Size£º600x600,800x800


This type of composite tiles in CASVINO family is named Van Gold. In Van Gogh¡¯s eyes, all things have an expression, urgency and attraction. All the forms and faces have a striking poetry and pure color. Van Gold composite tiles have clean color and sporadic lines. In the simple and clear truth, it also contains Van Gogh-like passion.

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Van Gogh, the Dutch post- impressionist painter, a pioneer of Expressionism, is one of the most outstanding artists in the 19th Century. He devotes himself to the art, boldly innovates and creates a lot of works filled with the life passion and humanitarian, to express his anguish, sorrow, compassion and hope. He is still world-renowned so far. Van Gogh's works, such as ¡°The Starry Night ",¡± Sunflower ¡°and ¡°Wheatfield with Crows¡± are the most famous and expensive artistic works all over the world now.


The elegant yellow color conveys a natural beauty. The fine lines imply the charming of the life passion. The space decorated with Van Gold is brilliant and has an excellent 3D effect. It can give people an eternal impression