Bordeaux - CS501 - Classical Straight Panel Size600x600,800x800


The best Bordeaux wines are precipitated out by the time: young Bordeaux is red as the dark ruby, emitting a various fruity aroma; the wine after decades tastes drier and tighter; finally it become garnet red, developing into extraordinarily complex aroma and taste. It takes two decades for the high quality Bordeaux to reach the highest peak; few top Bordeaux can be drunk in 100 years. Bordeaux composite tiles in CASVINO family are also experiencing thousands-of-years sediment, so it can form so amazing colors. Looking at the red pattern and the elegant color, your mind will wave, like going into a dreamy gentle place.

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Once someone mentions Bordeaux City, the sexy and crimson liquid will flicker in our eyes, as if we can smell the mellow and intoxicating alcohol. The city is located in the southwest of France and is the wine center of the world, with production capacity of 800 million bottles per year. The grape wine produced in Bordeaux taste supple and elegant, like a fascinating and gentle lady, so it is regarded as "the Queen of the Grape Wine".


Its clean but not simple, suitable for creating a bright and clear space