Royal Marfil - CS306 - Classical Straight Panel Size£º300x600,600x600£¬800x800


Yellow is a noble color. In the ancient times, yellow symbolizes the divine right of the king and is sacrosanct. In Zhou Dynasty, yellow is the symbol of the emperor's power. The emperor must dress the yellow dragon robes after the Sui Dynasty. Yellow became the monarch¡¯s exclusive color. Yellow is a brilliant color on the earth, symbolizing the nobility, richness, glory, joy and the emotional significance of the great tune style music.

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Pale yellow marble has uniform and delicate color, noble and elegant, deeply loved by the royal in Roman, commonly used in the decoration of the Royal Palace, so called Royal Marfil.


The pale brown surface is casually dotted some slight yellow lines. The elegant and royal color can bring a poetic beauty to the spac