Cappucino - CS301 - Classical Straight Panel Size300x600,600x600,800x800,600x1200


The password of cappuccino is I-love-you, meaning waiting for love. Coffee itself is sweet with bitter taste, bitter with sweet taste, just like the feeling of love. The color of Cappuccino composite tiles is exactly the same tone as the liquid Cappuccino coffee. It touches gentle and delicate. Once you look at and touch it, you will feel like slipping a cup of mellow cappuccino coffee.

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The traditional cappuccino coffee is brewed with one third of espresso, one third of steamed milk and one third of foamed milk. Mix the same amount of Italian espresso and steamed foam milk together, the colors will look like a scarf covering on the brown coat of the monks in the Cappuccino Church, hence get the name.


The white lines intersperse among the soft light brown color. The style is simple and warm.