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Lucca doesn't have the majesty of Rome, the fashion of Milan, the fame of Pisa, and the romance of Venice, but it has a unique charm. It is one of the most intact cities in Europe. After years of changing, it consistently maintains its appearance. Lucca composite tiles in CASVINO family are quiet and elegant. Its elegant texture is just like the ancient impression of Lucca City.

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Lucca, the ancient city of Italy, was built in 180 BC, is one of the most intact ancient cities in Europe. The entire city is surrounded by walls. The palaces, churches, squares and age-old houses in the city are intact. There are many other ancient gorgeous buildings in Lucca City. Famous playwright Puccini also ever lived there.


The elegant color and natural veins exude a graceful flavor. Lucca composite tiles inherit the quality of the ancient Lucca City. It keeps an independent attitude, warm and elegant, low-key but luxuriou